digital marketing for small law firms

5 Key Insights: The Special Challenge of Digital Marketing for Small Law Firms

There are times when lawyers are part of one big industry, and there are times when lawyers stratify themselves into many, many subgroups.  Whether it is distinguishing by law school, specialty of practice, or types of clients, there are many ways to slice up the different legal practitioners out there.  And when it comes to expending marketing resources, some strategies work across the board for all attorneys, some strategies work only for small firms.

4 Cutting Edge Trends In Digital Marketing For Law Firms

You are a lawyer looking to capture your online brand, your image, and your reputation.  You want to grab the interest – and business – of potential clients who visit your website.

Most likely, you immediately jump to including impressive images of courthouses, gavels, courtrooms, and law books.  You may feel that you need to project a “legal-related” or even a kind of “legal-stodgy” set of images to convey to your audience that you are a serious lawyer, working in a serious industry.

Law Firms on Social Media: The Times Keep Changing

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – they are all at least a decade old, but many law firms behave as they have still yet to crack the code on social media.

Part of the problem, whether you are big firm or a solo practitioner, is that social media platforms keep changing so frequently that you think that you can never get ahead of the curve. You may find yourself saying, “I just don’t have the time or energy to keep up, so why bother.” That is what Mom used to call “stinkin’ thinkin’”

legal marketing contract

Are You Trapped In A Long-Term Marketing Contract for Your Law Firm? There May Be An Escape

It seems to be a bad year for well-known legal marketing company FindLaw.  In 2018, FindLaw has been named as a defendant in two unrelated cases, both of which allege that FindLaw has provided far less than what was promised.

PPC brings an ideal client

Law Firms Need to Extend Their Brand: Paid Search Ads (PPC) Bring Ideal Clients To Your Website

Today, competition for both clients and top talent is stiff in the legal industry.  How do you get ahead of the curve for both challenges?  The answer is digital marketing.  And not just any old digital marketing, but marketing strategies that go beyond your website and bring clients to your website. One great way to do that is through pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.