contextual targeting

‘Right Place, Right Time’ Marketing: Contextual Targeting and Its Promise for the Future of Digital Marketing

“How does it know?”  Have you found yourself asking that question when you are browsing on the web, and an advertisement appears that speaks directly to your interests?  It is becoming more and more common, and it is the result of a digital marketing trend called “Contextual Targeting.”


Personalization: The Next Frontier in Digital Marketing

With customers spending more and more time on digital platforms, creating a personalized experience is the way to capture someone’s attention


Conversational User Interface: A Way to Communicate with Customers that Digital Marketers Cannot Ignore

“Alexa, play some slow jazz . . .”

Sound familiar?  Amazon’s conversational user interface – the Amazon Echo – allows us to use a digital device, named “Alexa,” by simply speaking, and Alexa will respond by voice as long as we are within Alexa’s digital earshot.  It is an amazing tool that presages what the world is going to be like in the future, where we can simply take care of things through voice commands.

Professional Live Video

Oamii Has Its Finger on the Pulse of the Next Video Trend in Digital Marketing: Professional Live Video

As they say – “the number don’t lie.”  So, what do the numbers tell us about the power of video in a company’s digital marketing strategy?